Madani Pearls of Monthly Madani Mashwarahs

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19 Madani Pearls about Madani Mashwara (meeting) for zimmedars (Responsible Islamic brothers)
Madani Pearls of Schedule January 2022 (part-2)
Madani Pearls of Schedule February 2022 (part-3)
Encourage (March 2022)
Love the prayers of religious leaders (April 2022)
Coincidence is life (May 2022)
Simplicity is the Sunnah of the Rasool (June 2022)
What should be the style of communication ? (July 2022)
Why is punctuality important ? (August 2022)
Thank You Ameer-e-Ahlesunnat (September 2022)
How to associate the neighborhood residents with the religious environment? (October 2022)
The blessing of charity (November 2022)
Encourage (December 2022)
Self-control is essential (January 2023)
Importance of newcomers in the movement( February 2023)
Distribution ( March 2023)
Benefits and sources of organizational updates ( May 2023)
The Respect of the mosque is essential ( June 2023)
Awaking up for Fajar (August 2023)
Manners of Expressing Disagreement